Scalable blockchain solution with privacy protection

Azure is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution using cutting edge Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine technology. Azure executes smart contract transactions in a way that works with both the current Ethereum infrastructure and zero-knowledge proof computations, increasing transaction throughput while lowering costs and protect the privacy.

Next gen scalability

• Innovative lattice-based zkSNARK prover

• Quick network finality with regular validity checks

• Different dApp types can be made by developers for a range of user experiences.

Low gas fees

• Azure uses ZK proofs to lower transaction costs.

• Improves user experience by lowering end users overall cost of usage

EVM equivalent

• 100% EVM bytecode equivalence, deploy exsiting dapp in minutes without changes

• The great majority of smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets currently in use operate without a hitch.

High security

• Security backed by Ethereum as Azure's layer 1, where all rollup transactions are verified on-chain by a decentralized community.

• Guarantee that data is stored and cannot be altered or tampered with.

Enhance Privacy

• Azure ZkEVM adds an extra degree of privacy by enabling smart contracts to be carried out in a way that hides private data while still verifying the execution's accuracy.

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