Tokenomics, a fusion of 'token' and 'economics,' refers to the design and framework governing the distribution and functionality of tokens within a blockchain ecosystem. For crypto investors, understanding tokenomics is crucial for several reasons.

With total 100.000.000 fixed supply, here is the token distribution of Azure:

  • 85% token goes to liquidity

  • 5% goes to staking Azure Universe values staking. It has the potential to boost user engagement and attraction. Staking slows market circulation and locks up assets, which could raise market prices.

  • 5% goes to CEX listing There are various advantages to listing a coin or token on a cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) such as enhanced liquidity, market visibility, credibility and trust, and increase accessibility.

  • 5% goes to marketing and partnership Raising Azure's brand recognition and user adoption requires marketing and sponsorship. New ties, including more dynamic, real-time participation, can be created between projects and their investors.

A 5% tax is applied to trading (buy/sell) transactions. These primary sectors, which are crucial to the viability of $AZR, receive the tax.

  • Innovation and Development of Azure Universe

  • ️Community involvement, listing, and marketing

  • ️Team incentive, Liquidity support and buyback

Name : Azure

Symbol : AZR

CA : 0x47D20C7800906E01aDfC890F283C110bA70A6c97

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