The Initiation

  • Azure token launch on Uniswap

  • Development of Azure Universe started with Azure privacy bridge dApps and telegram bot, Dexswap and staking dApps

  • Brand awareness, such as collaborations, social media activity, and participation in cryptocurrency communities.

The Development

  • Starting the blockchain development by launch a public testnet.

  • Ensure robustness of the blockchain by do some activities on testnet such as swap, deploy, add LP, etc.

  • Interacting with KOLs, CT, influencers and cryptocurrency communities.

The Expansion

  • Mainnet launching together with bridge and Launchpad integration to Azure chain

  • Mainnet ecosystem building including DeFi Platform, wallet for both iOS and android, and implementation of Azure Dao

  • Increase accesability by listing on many cryptocurrency exchange both DEX and CEX

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